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Adopting a Fertilizer plot

It is of utmost importance to know the optimum level of grow bags nutrients required for your crop abet on analyzing the medium. The level of chemical & nutrients adjusts from crop to crop. The adjacent-door step would be the identification of chemical levels skillfulness in the medium. This will enable the grower to tab the put in of neutrinos & furthermore door the levels of adverse substances. Further, you should analyze the water used in the green home, to locate the composition of same. First, manage to pay for into several Grow Bags and hydrate behind tidy water using the Drips till the slabs are abundantly saturated & halt watering just as water tries into the future out of the graze reforest holes and declare yes for 12 hoursCommence draining the after 12 hours though addendum together well-ventilated water Collect a water sample at the fall of the draining process.

Grow bags

Make analysis from this water sample to ascertain the chemical composition, taking into consideration this analysis a fertilizing dream should be made. It is important to note that Coco materials contain high levels of Potassium & is low in Calcium. So when you are calculating your fertilizer plan, understand out the Potassium & replace in imitation of Calcium Nitrate. Apart from the replacement of Calcium Nitrate for Potassium, an unconventional percentage of Calcium Nitrate should be added according to your crop’s requirement. (Differs in a battle of Buffered Materials)

grow bags


After taking the Grow Bags out from their palletized packed form, reforest holes should be scuff (If not prepared by us as per your demand). Grow sack should be handled deliberately while unloading to prevent the slabs from breaking. If the slabs are damaged they take in front after watering will be uneven. The Grow Bags should be placed almost level profile within the green residence. Drip lines should be inserted to the Grow Bags depending upon the number of birds planned to be planted per Grow Bag. (Never use a water hose to water as it will discontinuous the structure of the Grow Bag).