Get Rid of plumbing repair For Good

plumbing repair

Know gradual steps and the compound effect doing the right things every day day in and day out will get you there but it’s not your boss doesn’t make as much money as you think he does that’s all I can say is because I thought my boss was forgetting get off of me I tracked my invoices for a whole year.

I had turned in over a hundred and fifteen thousand and this was several years ago and they didn’t they didn’t have their pricing structure right so I turned in over a hundred fifteen thousand dollars worth of invoices and no one would I know now they were not making money so you got to have your pricing right.

But but the bottom line is don’t think it’s you’re going to get rich to go in this you’re gonna if you’re working in the business which I’m most of us do it’s going to be a long hard struggle but you can do it you just have to stick to your game and every day do the right things day in and day out.

So the entrepreneurial myth is that you know your boss is getting rich off you when chances are it’s not so it’s the American Dream we all want it and when you know we will get it you guys don’t get it and I’ll get it but I’m chasing it still so don’t think it’s you’re going to get rich by starting your own business.

That’s not a reason to start your business so then I’ve got modeling that’s kind of goes back to flat rate pricing and you know the top five companies in your area you want to model what other successful companies are already doing there you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and then you’ve got to be willing to be teachable and adapt to change you’re going to be changing constantly.

You’ll change the way you do service the way you do business your processes will change everything will change new people will come into your organization that will bring new things to the table you’ve got to be willing to change you got to be one to be teachable you can’t think that you know everything and you’ve got it right because believe me you don’t so but you got it you can’t resist change.

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